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 1.- WHAT IS TECFOS?                      
The Training and Technological Applications Development Centre in Underground Construction is implanted based in the experience of Santa Barbara Foundation during its 20 years of operation in collaboration with Universities, Technological Centers and leader companies, constituting an open consortium created from 2008 with the goal to respond, through training programs and applicated investigation lines, to the needs surging from companies and public administrations related to underground construction
 TECHNOLOGY (Real Scale Tests)
  • Machinery.
  • Materials.
  • Construction methods.
  • Procedures in Emergency situations
 Training line for responsible staff and technical staff in underground construction
  • New drilling technologies.
  • Blast technologies.
  • Shotcrete Technologies.
  • Special Concretes.
  • Safety and Risk Prevention in underground works.
 Training line for operators, maintenance staff and specialist.
  • Drilling jumbos, roadheaders and concrete spraying machines operators.
  • Explosives experts.
  • Maintenance staff.
  • Laboratory technicians and operatives.
R & D Projects / Technological applications:
  • Project “Multidimensional City”.
  • Project “Tunconstruct”.
  • Project “NCEX”.
  • Project “DrillSim”. Drilling Jumbo simulator.
  • Concrete spraying machine simulatorr.
 Machinery real scale tests:
  • Jumbo Sandvik DT 920i.
  • Concrete Spraying Machine Sika PM 500.
  • Concrete Spraying Machine Prototype ML.
  • Concrete Mixer Machine ML Hurón 7.
 Materials tests:
  •  Fire resistance test of “Fire Segment” (Acciona/Sika).
  • Fire resistance test of “Bilayer Segment” (Dragados/IETcc).
  • Fire resistance test for Concrete Coating Santa Agueda tunnels (UTE Gorostiza-TECSA).
  • Courses in Shotcrete´s Technologies. Client: Putzmeister.
  • Courses for Operators of Computerized Drilling Jumbos, intermediate level. Clients: ALDESA and INSERSA.
  • Journeys in blasting initiation modern systems. Clients: Acciona, Economy Counseling JCyL.
  • Journeys in explosives destruction and blasting accessories. Clients: Acciona, Economy Counseling JCyL., Police Corps.
  • Courses about fires in tunneling construction. Clients: Economy Counseling JCyL., Ministry of Industry.
  • ADIF Master “Civil Protection in Railway Sector. Module 12. Fire Performance in Confined Spaces”. Client: Administrator of Railway Infrastructures (ADIF).
  • Course about regulatory requirements and control procedures for blasting vibration and airwave generation. Client: Economy Counseling JCyL.
  • Course about risk control techniques in special blasting. Client: Economy Counseling JCyL.
  • Course about technical supervision and control in the start-up and periodic inspections of machinery (ITC 02.2.01). Client: Economy Counseling JCyL.
  • Course about the methodology of the work accidents investigation. Client: Economy Counseling JCyL.
Experimental Tunnels:
Underground infrastructure is composed of two tunnels named respectively Experimental Tunnel number 1 and Experimental Tunnel number 2.

Tunnel 1Tunnel 2
Current length475 m280 m
Final length616 m616 m
Excavated section50 m250 m2
Covered section44 m244 m2
Excavation methodTwo excavation stages (top heading and bench diving)
Complete section
Fire Test Gallery                                     
The Fire Test Gallery has a 10 m2 cross section, and its length is 110 meters. The beginning and the end of the gallery is covered with concrete rings, and its middle section consists of hard rock bolted supporting system. The gallery is also served by a 110 KW ventilator with a remote controlled frequency regulator, allowing the control of the air velocity inside the installation.  Remote controlled doors can be opened or closed, according to the ventilation requirements

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