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  • The foundational purposes of the Santa Barbara Foundation are:
    1st.- The FOUNDATION will have as purpose the protection, promotion, financing and development of few advocacy, applied research, technological development and training relevant to the Mining of “Castilla y León”. To this end, it will aim to manage the existing Mining Schools and their adaptation to the needs required by the reality of the mining industry in “Castilla y León”, in order to get the most complete professional training of citizens our community to come developing or developed in the future professional activity in this area.
    2nd.- Also, the FOUNDATION may extend its action to the sectors of construction, in aspects related to mining, electricity, gas, renewable energy, oil and its derivatives in all its forms, energy markets and financial on energy and related to mining, or energy sectors in general, as the environment
    3rd.-  To better fulfill its purposes, the FOUNDATION can carry out alone or in collaboration with other public or private entities, the following activities that relate to not exhaustive:

    • Promote related to the disclosure in the mining field, energy and the environment that could be helpful to our society activities
    • Participate in regional, national or international organizations related to the mining sector, energy and the environment
    • Instruction in mining, energy and environmental issues, organizing and promoting training at various levels
    • Train all levels for safety and health
    • Promotion in collaboration with the University and other educational projects with institutions for the development of training or research
    • Collaboration in the specific mining development, energy and environmental projects with institutions and companies
    • The creation of a Regional Reference Center for Environmental Education
    • Training of Trainers in mining, environmental and energy
    • Training in self-employment and both individual and collective business enterprises
    • In general, any other activity that is appropriate to achieving the aims pursued by the constitution of the FOUNDATION
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