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Occupational health and safety

Continuing Education
One of the main concerns of the Foundation during its more than 25 years of existence is the prevention of occupational hazards in its workplaces, in order to guarantee the maximum safety conditions for workers and students. Foundation carries out a series of actions: Developing a permanent action in order to perfect the levels of protection that exist and applying the technologies accessible and more suitable for the activity of the Foundation.
  • Fulfilling the formal duties that the Labor Risks Prevention Law and its development regulations contemplate, in particular regarding risk assessment, protective measures, periodic controls and professional risks.
  • Adequate prevention planning. Collaboration with the representative bodies of the workers competent in the matter.
  • Adopting emergency measures appropriate to the size and activity of the Foundation, and the situations that may arise in it.
  • Paying particular attention to the most risk-sensitive groups, and particularly to pregnant employees, staff members who have reported the contraction of any disease, allergy or specific risk and temporary workers.
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